Places To Eat In Loughborough

Your One Stop Guide To Places To Eat In Loughborough

Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai; there is nothing quite like treating our taste buds to some great cuisine! No matter what tickles your fancy, you can be pretty sure that here in Loughborough there’s a restaurant that is ready and willing to deliver. So here you go my fellow foodies, a guide to a few of our top picks for places to eat in Loughborough – enjoy!

Step Into Italy At The Caravelli

The Italians know how to eat. When you head to pretty much any Italian restaurant you can be guaranteed of at least a few cuisine basics; very generous portions, plenty of garlic and fresh tomatoes, and a laid back atmosphere. Caravelli is no exception to the rule. A family run restaurant that combines great traditional Italian food and wine with a friendly atmosphere, this is a restaurant that knows how to please.

Since it is located in one of the oldest buildings in Loughborough, in fact dating right back to the fourteenth century, you’ll be greeted with a sense of charm and ambiance that can only come with age.

Just to whet your appetite for the menu you can expect some exquisite dishes ranging from pasta and risottos (with a hot option for anyone daring) to seafood, meat, and poultry. For guests who don’t care much for dessert, the cheese and biscuits should make the perfect, ‘after dinner’, treat.

Take A Trip To Thailand At The Thai Grand Restaurant

Everyone should enjoy a great Thai meal every now and then. It’s one of those cuisines that knows how to smack your taste buds with bold flavors, unique combinations and memorable experiences for all the foodies among us.

The Thai Grand restaurant isn’t about bells and whistles, instead, it focuses on smart, simple and stylish Thai food. So you fancy a peek at the menu, right? It’s pretty extensive, but let us give you a taste by telling you about the Chef’s recommendations.

Nuer Yang Kra Prow
To us, that’s sirloin steak with chili and hot basil leaf topping.

Goong Pao Chu Chi
If you hadn’t got it yet, that’s char grilled prawns topped with Panang curry and served on a sizzling hot place – scrumptious!

Gwiteou Nam Tom Yum Talay
A traditional dish, hot and sour soup with rice noodles and mixed seafood.

The Thai Grand restaurant also offers some excellent choices in set menus for a minimum of two people. Prices range from £17.95 up to £25.95. Of course, all of that fine dining is sure to work up quite a thirst so you’ll be glad to know that the drinks menu has everything from traditional Thai beers, to fine wines, liqueurs, and soft drinks.

Meat Lovers Alert – You May Want To Check Out Fernandez Grillhouse!

Of all the places to eat in Loughborough, Fernandez Grillhouse has to come up near the top for all of you meat-lovers. Don’t worry, though, tasty doesn’t always have to mean unhealthy. All of the food here is grilled, healthy and fresh; a perfect guilty pleasure, that really isn’t so guilty!

If your ideal dining is all about nibbling, grazing, nibbling some more, grazing some more and enjoying an excellent selection of drinks, Fernandez Grill-box is sure to put a smile on your face. With great sharing dishes for nibbling, such as Mixed Mediterranean Olives, Peri Peri Nuts, Double Baked Nachos & Dips, Flaming Wings and of course, a Herd Platter, you can nibble to your heart’s content at this restaurant.

Don’t worry meat-lovers, I’m coming to that part of the menu now! Steaks are matured for at least 21 days, they are then hand cut, seasoned and flame grilled. Simple, juicy and delicious.

If you’re not a steak kind of person, you’ll have fun salivating through the burger, chicken and signature dishes options. In a few words; you will be spoiled for choice!

No Time For Fine Dining But Fancy A Tasty Takeaway Now? – Then It’s Got To Be Paradise Takeaway & Chip Shop For You!

Eating out is great, but sometimes it’s not the restaurant experience that you are craving, rather you just want a great takeaway, and your stomach is already grumbling with hunger!

Paradise Takeaway & Chip Shop offers a great choice for suiting a variety of taste preferences. If you’re all about a traditional chip shop choice, like fish and chips or chicken nuggets and chips, you’ll find it here.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. The Indian cuisine that you can order here lets you have a true taste of India, right in your living room (or office, car, street bench; you get the idea)! Curries on offer include Rogan Josh, Korma, Tikka Masala, Madras, Jalfrezi and of course, a Vindaloo. There’s a good choice of more unusual Indian specialties on the menu too, so don’t be afraid to try something different.

Fellow foodie friends, it’s been fun, but with all this talk of tantalizing tasty food, it’s time for me to take a rain check and order a takeaway myself! After all, there is no shortage of places to eat in Loughborough, all you’ve got to do is decide where your taste buds are leading you!