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  • Just walked up from Loughborough station and popped in for chips .. ended up with a curry in a hurry .. is recommended! Robert Blackburn 11/07/2016

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Curry In A Hurry Please come down to the takeaway. Loughborough now has the number one choice for tasty take outs

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The Most Sublime Indian Takeaway

Loughborough Has Ever Seen

Exotic Spices. Delicious Meals. World-Class Delivery Service.

4(based on 1 reviews)
  • Just walked up from Loughborough station and popped in for chips .. ended up with a curry in a hurry .. is recommended! Robert Blackburn 11/07/2016


Paradise is the number one, the new provider of Indian takeout food in Loughborough.

Tired of eating dishes, which don’t have that special “Indian touch”? Want unique curries, meats, and veggies crafted into delicious meals for one and all to enjoy?  This world-class takeaway in Loughborough is designed for those who want excellent service and quality FAST… all wrapped into one location.

There is something for everyone at Paradise. For Indian food, it’s best to choose seasoned specialists who’ve crafted years of high-quality dishes and understand what your taste buds require. Walk in and take a look at the array of options ready for you to feast on.

This is an Indian takeaway with a unique twist. We prepare our take-out dishes with an emphasis on fine dining for you at home and quality authentic Indian food while remaining quick with our service.

You will notice as you walk in that we are currently offering some very decadent Dessert offerings that are freshly prepared every other day and will be a growing part of our menu going forward.

Although our Indian takeaway Loughborough is here in the UK our Indian roots are important to us, and it is displayed through the tantalizing blend of ingredients, traditional methods, and quality recipes. We proudly formulate authentic Indian dishes for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Each dish is immaculately created with nuanced flavors and sophisticated attention to detail. We bring these delightful meals from the royal kitchens of India as the Maharajas once enjoyed. These unbelievably flavorful spices will leave your taste buds wanting more and more!

Paradise’s Takeaway Loughborough menu has been created with years of experience in recognizing the Indian cuisine and its intricacies. The perfect blend of spices, chutneys, and aroma will fill you with delight as soon as you take a look at what Paradise has to offer its customers. This is the number one takeaway in town for a reason and it begins with the comprehensive menu with something for everyone. If you want Indian cuisine, you will know Paradise is the place to be for all of your needs.

At Paradise Takeaway Loughborough it is important to know that we do also provide a wider variety of cuisines and still do cater for our legacy customers who used to use this takeaway as a pop in after work to pick up a bag of fish n chips ! Please come and try our new batter recipe as we know you won’t be disappointed.

Indian cuisine is defined by its beautiful blend of subtle tastes from the vast regions of India. The flavors vary and produce an exotic elegance unlike any other. The warm, pungent, and fragrant spices from all regions of Indian delicately come together into beautifully crafted dishes presented to you. Each dish is special with its own distinctive aroma and is prepared fresh on the spot based on your requirements. Our ‘Paradise’ preparation and blending of spices is a learned craft, which has been perfected by this takeaway.

Our dishes are rooted in the heart of India and are prepared in our takeaway galley kitchens as they would in an Indian home.


This Loughborough takeaway goes the extra mile to provide a beautiful collection of dishes for one to select from. Feel like having a mouthwatering dessert? What about a high-quality cheesecake? This is one of the finest Loughborough takeaways for those who want perfection and variation in choice. The right dessert will be served to you fresh and ready to eat. What more can you ask for? This is Indian cuisine prepared the right way for those who are hungry and wish to feast on some of the world’s finest dishes all in one place.

The style of the new Paradise Takeaway Loughborough has a beautiful and clean look and location near the Loughborough main train station will leave you filling up with happiness after your train journies. The nuanced Indian ambiance and friendly service will be a joy to behold for one and all. Why not place an order with those who not only appreciate the intricacies of Indian food but recognize the importance of customer satisfaction? This is the ultimate experience for those who’ve been searching to locate a takeaway or takeout with fantastic food and even better service. There is no better location when hoping to see the emotions of India filter through each and every inch of this beautiful Loughborough location.

Whether you wish to eat in a rush or enjoy a whole-hearted meal with family and friends, this is the best takeaway in Loughborough. You’ll be left content and knowing you’ve chosen a world-class location willing to go the extra mile to provide an array of Indian dishes at a moment’s notice.

This is a family-friendly environment and the best place to come for those who want good food and a team willing to put in the hard work to craft the ultimate meal once your order has been placed. This is Indian food prepared the right way for your needs.


Takeaway Loughborough A Paradise Of Spices


For any Indian, Loughborough is home to or those who are hoping to enjoy the most exquisite Indian dishes, this is one of the best takeaways Loughborough has to offer. You will leave with a smile on your face and the rich aroma of Indian spices once you decide this is the place for you. Come in and place an order for your next Indian meal. It doesn’t get better when it comes to takeaways in Loughborough.

For those who are searching for the ultimate takeout joint in Loughborough, instead of a sit-down restaurant then this is paradise on Earth!